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A Resolution Adopted by The Chicago City Council, March 14, 2007

WHEREAS, there are more than half a million Chicagoans who speak English and at least one of a hundred other languages; and

WHEREAS Chicago has a long history of multilingualism dating back to the 1600’s and the languages of the original Native Americans; and

WHEREAS, multilingual and multicultural competencies are tremendous assets in the life of our city; the quality of public life is enhanced as more people are able to contribute through their many languages as well as English; and

WHEREAS, Chicago is able to draw upon these resources for the greater good of its members and to provide a variety of services to international visitors and new citizens from other countries; and

WHEREAS, as a multilingually rich city, Chicago publicly expresses its commitment to the support and development of multiple language skills; and

WHEREAS, multilingualism brings many benefits to the city of Chicago, such as trade with other nations; increased scientific/cultural creativity and knowledge development; more effective international collaboration and understanding; healthier families and communities; increased family cohesion and stability; enhanced communication among diverse populations; more vibrant cultural life; and

WHEREAS, Chicago stands at the forefront of major cities in the United States of America that embrace the benefits and attributes of its multilingual population; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, That we, the Mayor and Members of the City Council of the City of Chicago, assembled this fourtheenth day of March, 2007, do hereby recognize and applaud the many benefits of multilingualism in our culturally vibrant city; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we urge all Chicagoans to celebrate, support and develop the great language resources of the City of Chicago in order to fully realize the rich assets they can be to the economy, the social fabric of Chicago and democratic participation in the community.

Richard M. Daley, Mayor

Miguel del Valle, City Clerk

Presented by Ray Suarez, Alderman, 31st Ward