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ACTFL is recruiting speakers of specific critical languages

ACTFL has been contracted by the Defense Language Institute to provide proficiency testing support.  This project is part of a greater initiative to increase the U.S. government's ability to provide accurate and reliable testing in a number of essential languages for government agencies.

What do businesses say about languages?

Click here for an interesting and lively list of quotes from important individuals in the business world.

What languages are spoken where in the United States?

Ever wonder what languages are spoken in your county or zip code?  The Modern Language Assocation can help you find out!  Go to


Can you believe it? There is an online magazine for families who are raising their children in a bilingual/bicultural environment. The magazine is a product of a bilingual/bicultural family network out of Seattle, Washington. It comes complete with all kinds of ideas and activities for growing up in two languages and cultures. There are links to books, toys -- even penpals -- to support language learning. Check it out at

Language Teachers Create A New Organization to Promote Bilingualism: What is Heritage Language?

Check it out!  The Heritage Language Coop  ( was established through the initiative of Dr. Kim Potowski, Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of Spanish for Heritage Speakers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

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