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What do businesses say about languages?

"Fluency in more than one language and cross cultural skills  are prized and rewarded with higher salaries by many businesses and companies.  Bilingual and bicultural skills increase employment opportunities."


-Fred Genessee et al, Dual Language Instruction: A Handbook for Enriched Education, 2000. 

<p>"Companies missing bilingual workers can quantify the cost in lost opportunity more than dollars." <br>

-Jeff Sparshott, Communications Director, US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce. 

<p>"Companies value diverse perspectives and people to support the company’s growth and innovation.  Students in the United States need to learn cooperative skills and respect for differences in order to contribute effectively in diverse work teams." <br>

-National Alliance of Business, “Workforce Diversity:  A Business Imperative in the Global Economy,” 1998. "In the media industry, there is a tremendous need for bilingual people because of the amount of money that can be generated in those (bilingual) markets." 

-Fred Flores, President, Diverse Staffing Solutions "Global job markets require multilingual and multicultural competencies for all students, as well as high level academic and technical skills."

-Report of the National Alliance of Business, 2000. "Continued international growth depends on an educated work force proficient in English, Spanish and other languages."

-Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce White Paper, 1997. "Complex global interactions, once reserved for the diplomatic corps, are today the stuff of everyday business deals and cultural exchanges.  If we expect students to know how to navigate international waters, we need to give them an international education that meets the highest standards."

-Rod Paige, former U.S. Secretary of Education