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Senator Iris Y. Martinez Honored by Multilingual Chicago and St. Augustine College

State Senator Iris Y. Martinez was honored at a special ceremony at St. Augustine College on April 15, 2014. The purpose of this ceremony was to demonstrate sincere gratitude to Senator Martinez for her leadership in securing the Seal of Biliteacy for eligible graduating high school students in the State of illinois. Proposed by Multilingual Chicago, the Seal of Biliteracy bill was introduced in the Illinois Senate by Senator Martinez and shepherded along by her to unanimous approval by members of both houses of the illinois State Legislature. Public Law 98-0560 signed by Governor Pat Quinn on August 27, 2013, makes the Seal of Biliteracy part of the Illinois School Code.

Over 60 persons were present to honor Senator Martinez, including speakers: Amalis Rioja, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor; Dr. Carlos Azcoitia,Chicago Public Schools Board Member; Dr. Julio Cruz, Chair of Multilingual Chicago and Vice President of NABE; Dr. Maria Vargas, Associate Professor and Chair ECED, St. Augustine College; and Dr. Maria Korkatsch-Groszko, Executive Board Member and Education Advisor, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America-Illinois Division, Member/Commissioner, Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission, Executive Board Member and Education Advisor, Ukrainian Education Council of America. Presentation of the Award to Senator Martinez was made by Andrew C. Sund, President, St. Augustine College.