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"Learn Another Language" by Arya Halbleib, 11 years old, Chicago, Illinois

How many languages can you speak? If you can only speak one language, it would be good to learn another one because knowing more than one language has many benefits.
Learning another language can get you a job faster because some people don't speak the same language as everyone else and you can help them if you can speak their language. People will be more interested in someone who speaks another language than a person who can only speak one. Also you may get paid more if you know more than one language, because you can help more people.
Another way you can help people who don't know the same language as everyone else is if someone is really injured. No one can help that person because they can't understand what that person is saying. But if someone spoke the same language, they could help and maybe even save a life. Learning another language is not just learning words and phrases. You are learning another culture, too, which means you learn all about the place and the people that the language is from. It's like you are actually there. One last reason is you can teach people the language you speak. You can help people learn another language and more people will become bilingual. Learning another language has even more benefits and it can help many people -- including you. So don't be afraid to try something new! Learn another language!