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Language Teachers Create A New Organization to Promote Bilingualism: What is Heritage Language?

Check it out!  The Heritage Language Coop  ( was established through the initiative of Dr. Kim Potowski, Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of Spanish for Heritage Speakers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

What is a heritage language?
Students in the US and other countries frequently come to school with a foundation in a home language that is not the language of the country or area. We call that a heritage language. Instructional needs will be different for a student who is developing his/her first language from that for a student acquiring that same language as a second language. Dual language schools are often a solution for both students of the heritage language and those acquiring it for the first time. The federal government urgently needs professionals who speak English and their heritage language at high levels. Teachers of world languages need a special expertise to provide appropriate instruction to heritage language students. To learn more, visit the Heritage Language Coop!