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Isn't English now the international language? Do people really need another language?

English is one of the major languages of the globe. However, it is not the single international language, and vast numbers of people and nations are not English speaking. Furthermore, many of our international partners across the world are teaching their children English and multiple other languages. The fact is that when many people know English PLUS other languages, knowing ONLY English is no longer an advantage. The advantage goes to those individuals who know English AND other languages as well. When our children become adults and compete in the global marketplace, they'll be competing against others who are multilingual. As the old saying goes, 'If you want to buy, you can buy in any language. But if you want to sell, you need to speak the language of your customer.'

In addition, languages allow us to access other cultures. The more languages we have, the more fully we are able to understand and negotiate the world of the 21st century.